Faceless, nameless R&B twosome Emotional Oranges are only two singles into their burgeoning career but are already beginning to earn a reputation for upbeat, groove-filled R&B. Those two tracks, "Personal" and "Motion", dropped last year and now they're preparing to drop follow-up single, "Hold You Back". As they explain below, "Hold You Back" continues down the path laid out by its predecessors, but brings in a bit more instrumentation and subdues the grooves we've come to expect for them in favour of something more downbeat and mellow. 

"We wanted to make something more relaxed that still maintained the groove we've established with our first two songs," they explained to Complex via email. "We were inspired by the guitars on Sade's 'No Ordinary Love' all the way over to the drum beat on Drake's 'Just Hold On, We're Going Home'."