Killer Mike has made a name for himself as one of the most radical forward thinkers in hip-hop. However, it was one of these controversial viewpoints that caused tension between the rapper and DJ Envy

On Thursday (Jan. 31), Killer Mike stopped by Power 105.1's popular morning show The Breakfast Club to promote his new Netflix series Trigger Warning. Throughout the interview, the artist touched on some of the socio-political topics addressed in his show. Yet, when the discussion settled on the educational system, Killer Mike and host DJ Envy found themselves on opposite ends of the spectrum.

"I was talking about us sending our children to suburban schools... What I like to tell black people is... in places that are hostile to Black people—you should not send your children to school with white children until they are 13 years old." Killer Mike began. "If you look at other ethnic communities they keep the child isolated until they are about 13/14 then they have a ceremony and send them off."

Yet, DJ Envy took objection to Mike's theory. Envy claimed that a private school education afforded him the opportunities to take care of his children in ways not possible if he attended public schools. He then explains how he extends this thought process to his children.

"My daughter goes to one of the top private schools in New Jersey... and her education is like none other," Envy explained. "My son is a little different, because he goes to private school, but he's also in the 'hood doing other things... but that education he gets in those schools are unlike anything I've ever got in my life. Which gives him that advantage."

This set the stage for Killer Mike to drop the biggest bar of the interview. 

"Well, first, I said 'if you are in an area where your children are being treated hostilely. You a rich n***a. You got white folk's money," Mike stated. 

"No, my kids have been called 'n****s.' It's been hostile," Envy retorted. 

To which Killer Mike cleverly replied "Being called 'n***a' when your dad got a Ferrari just don't hurt as much." 

The exchange that took place around the 34-minute mark shifted the entire direction of the interview. For nearly 25 minutes, the two debated the benefits of insolating your child to protect their confidence or sending them to a private school for perceived benefits. This merry-go-round of opinionated theories got so heated that the show brought out its now-iconic "Beige Rage" meter to gauge how invested Envy was in the conversation. 

Their debate was highlighted by Killer Mike's advocacy of Historically Black Colleges and Universities, a system of schools that both Killer Mike and Envy attended. As well as being capped off by Mike pleading to African Americans to take stock in things that are Black. 

"Stop thinking what you produce isn't good enough," Mike said at the 47:16 mark. "Who you are is good enough to be who we are supposed to become. But you have to have that faith and belief in yourself."

Despite the nature and length of the debate, the two friends ended the interview exchanging graces with Envy also taking to Instagram to explain his point and thank Killer Mike for appearing on the show.