Jez Dior, whose debut album is set to arrive later this year, shares the video for his latest single "Nobody Knows" which includes an assist from Jackson Guthy on the hook.

Directed by Voyager (Alex Meader & Connor Hair), the visual follows Dior's growing relationship with his girl, and the joy and pain they experience together. These intimate moments are interspersed with shots of Dior on the road performing. 

"'Nobody Knows' is a love song, but not just about the glamour of being in love…relationships are hard. No matter how perfect somebody may seem to you, there will always be issues to overcome in any relationship," Dior explained. "With the video we tried to portray that and actually shot it across two different states while I was on tour. It was definitely a different experience traveling while shooting a video… we had everything from trying to balance playing shows and filming to a drive-by shooting happening on location. It was a tough one but I think it turned out to be really special."

Check out the video for "Nobody Knows" up top and grab the song on iTunes.