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Unless you're partial to robbing yourself of joy, you've likely heard a thing or three about Hajar Benjida's Young Thug as Paintings exhibit in Miami. The Miami Art Week experience, which first started as an Instagram account, is now the subject of a fresh Vice News Tonight segment during which Thugger himself dropped in to check out the generation-spanning paired pieces in person.

"That's kinda what we love about the fair, in general, is that we kinda demystify the white box,' Alexis Hubshman, founder of the SCOPE Art Show, said of the interactive exhibit's status as a rarity among the Miami Art Week festivities. "We kind of try to work with projects that are reaching a larger population than just cold, austere, German collector, you know. Not to disrespect that, but there is something we prefer when it's a little bit of a larger inclusion."

Asked if the fact that the Instagram account had a noteworthy following prior to the exhibit helped inspire him to put the show on, Hubshman said he would have made the move even without the social media assist. "Everything's a factor," he said. "I'm a merchant at the end of the day, so I won't pretend it’s all flowers and farting unicorns. Had it had no following, I wouldn't have thought twice. I'd still be doing it."

Later in the Vice News Tonight special report, Thugger rolled through to meet the artist and to reveal his favorite piece from the collection. "It feels dope," he said. "It feels amazing because, like, the way it's put together, that takes time."

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