With an inarguable legacy that's now 10 years deep, and an impending new album that marks the start of another fresh chapter, Future is giving fans a rare look behind the curtain with his documentary The WIZRD. As the Atlanta icon explained in a recent interview with Big Boy, the Apple Music exclusive is seven years in the making and served as a reminder to maintain "tunnel vision" when it comes to the creative process.

"I haven't seen it," Future said earlier this week. "I seen the clips. That was a long time ago. . . . It helped me to stay focused because even then I didn't know I would be here. Once you have that tunnel vision, so many things will come along the way or try to stop you from going to the next level or the next step or whatever you have to do. You've just gotta keep going."

The album of the same name, out Jan. 18, notably marks the final album in Future's current record deal. "I already had another deal planned so it's kicked in right after this deal stops," he explained in that same interview, likening his new deal to a "basketball contract."

Though Future didn't get specific on what lies ahead, the newly released documentary does a nice job of encapsulating some of his creative high marks thus far. Below, we've rounded up five notable moments from the documentary we felt were worth directly pointing out to you. To see the full thing yourself, grab your Apple Music info and head over here.