Though 2018 was a relatively quiet year for Future, the Atlanta rapper has hit the ground running in 2019.

Future is expected to release his seventh studio album, The WIZRD, by the end of the next week. But before he unleashes the much-anticipated project, the artist has given fans a personal documentary that shares the LP's name. 

The WIZRD documentary follows Future during his 2016 Purple Reign Tour. Directed by Marcus A. Clarke, the film includes performance clips, celebrity interviews, and rare footage of Future enjoying his downtime with family, friends, and his rap contemporaries. Future also speaks candidly about his come-up, going from a life of crime to being one of the biggest acts in hip-hop. 

The WIZRD documentary premiered Thursday night on Apple Music. For those who aren't subscribed to the service, you can check out three clips—Complex exclusives—above and below.

The top video begins with Future on stage performing "Mask Off." It then cuts to ATL legend André 3000, who praises Future for taking Southern rap to new heights.

"We came from a time when, man, people just weren't listening to the South. Period," André said. "And so now you have kids in Brooklyn sounding like Future [...] I'm super proud of Future. He's already won Grammys, to me. He's change the course of things."

The Outkast artist expanded on Future's appeal in the second clip, acknowledging the rapper's unique ability to infuse his music with both pain and joy.

"Future makes the most negative, inspirational music ever," he explained. "The s**t he talk about could kill a man in, like, a week. But at the same time you sayin, 'I'm flyin' first-class flights on these p***y n***as.' It's, like, that's a celebration!"

"Future has a certain pain behind what he's doing. You can call it soul, you can call it whatever, but to me, it comes off as pain."

The third clip shows Future and Drake working in the studio as they prepare to release their 2015 joint mixtape What a Time to Be Alive. You can see Drizzy vibing out to the project's standout cut "Digital Dash."

You can watch The WIZRD exclusively on Apple Music here, and pre-order Future's upcoming album here.