Don Q blindsided Tory Lanez with a new diss track called "I'm Not Joyner." The New York rapper clearly took offense at Lanez' continued insistence that he's the "best rapper alive." 

In the new, hardnosed track, Don Q clowns Tory for everything from his singing to his receding hairline and dares Tory to come back on wax or in-person. Among his most cutting attacks, Don accuses Tory of being a thief. Don says that Tory took everything he does from listening to Don Q's freestyles and early Drake albums. 

"You told me that you watched my freestyle hundreds of times/Guess that's why you sound like me in a couple of lines," he rapped. "You said 'Memories don't die'/My memory don't lie/You literally went up there and mimicked me the whole time."

If that's not enough to get his point across, Q spends a good chunk of the track detailing the ways he could kill Lanez and hide the body.


As we've seen before in videos with Instagram comedian Fat Boy SSE, Lanez doesn't take kindly to people clowning on his hairline. But Don Q heads off the idea of Lanez being able to shout him down with some straighforward cover art. The art for "I'm Not Joyner" shows Don Q using a noose to hang Lanez off of a bridge, just in case Lanez doubts the seriousness of Q's opening volley.

Give it a listen up top and then play the waiting game to see if Lanez decides to accept Q's challenge.