Darnell Williams is associated with many titles. He’s credited as a musician, actor, writer, and director. But lately, he’s been pushing his artistry forward through carefully thought-out music videos for his songs, showcasing his talent as a videographer and as a rapper who isn’t afraid to touch on taboo topics.

After releasing “Porno,” which recently received a co-sign by Chance the Rapper, the Los Angeles-based artist follows it up with “Fuck Hollywood,” a video he edited and directed himself.

The message is clear: Williams is contemplating vices such as women, fame, drugs, sex, and alcohol in a city known to take those things to preposterous levels. Each scene plays out as a regular day and a life for Williams, an aspiring rapper and creative, who faces the reality of living in Hollywood. From going on a miserable Tinder date and spending too much money on dinner to dealing with bouncers at the clubs who don’t know his name, Williams ponders if the rock star lifestyle he’s chasing is really worth it.

At the end of the video, Williams’ night takes an unexpected turn. What started as harmless fun turns into something serious as his date takes her drug use too far. Williams is now blamed for an incident he had nothing to do with, and is arrested and hauled away by police to end the clip. “Fuck Hollywood” contributes to the conversation of black America fearing police, who are disproportionately blamed for crimes because of their skin color.

Watch the video premiered by Complex above, and stream the song on all digital service providers here when it arrives Friday (Jan. 25).

You can expect more thought-provoking material from Williams soon, who recently signed with Doug Morris’ new 12 Tone label, which is also the new home for Anderson .Paak.