The structure of Sheck Wes' increasingly ubiquitous gargantuan hit "Mo Bamba" is airtight.

Even if the faux know-it-all among your friends tries to discredit it on actual music theory grounds, you have more than enough evidence at your disposal to prove this so-called "friend"'s idiocy, most notably the song's brilliant use of the tritone. But to truly appreciate a composition, one must be first be treated to the sounds of it being seamlessly integrated into the Disneyverse.

Enter SoundCloud user Blas, who has taken it upon themselves to mash up "Mo Bamba" with the equally ubiquitous 2013 Frozen cut "Let It Go." The result, "Let It Mo," currently garnering acclaim via Reddit and is unequivocally worth your time. Previously, Blas did an entire Jimi Hendrix x Kendrick Lamar mashup album.

"Mo Bamba" recently became Wes' first top 10 entry on the Billboard Hot 100. The song is currently at No. 6, sandwiched between more recent (yet noticeably inferior) releases from Panic! at the Disco and Kodak Black.

"I remember when I did 'Live SheckWes, Die SheckWes,' and when I did 'Mo Bamba,' I one-taked those because it came from my heart," Wes told Pigeons & Planes earlier this year when talking about the creation of the two MUDBOY standouts. "I try to one-take all my songs now, even if I do my verse and I fuck up, I'm gonna do the whole verse over."

Wes is currently on the road with Travis Scott and Gunna for the ASTROWORLD: Wish You Were Here Tour. The tour, which does not count Tommy Lee among its fans, next hits the United Center in Chicago Thursday night.