After leaving fans waiting for new music, Ski Mask the Slump God finally dropped his long-awaited debut studio album Stokeley late last month, delivering a 13-track project featuring appearances by Lil Baby, Young Thug, and Lil Yachty among others. The regal artwork quickly became a hit among fans when the record dropped, too, and now fans are taking it upon themselves to make sure as many people get to enjoy the artwork's portrait of the rapper as possible.

Noticing a trend of people slipping his artwork into frames in numerous stores and homes, Ski addressed the rapidly growing trend on his Twitter on Tuesday. "I'm dead loving these pictures of the Stokeley cover art everywhere," he wrote. Not long after, he told his fans, "Let's make this a thing." It didn't take long, but fans have committed to the gag and are sneaking the art into as many places as they can.

With the release of Stokeley, Ski Mask squashed his beef with Vic Mensa. "A lot of shit was going on in the backend, with me and Vic Mensa. It could've got to more dangerous shit. We stopped it," the rapper explained to TMZ. "Our people talked, and basically we just deaded it from where it was going, because it was going in a dangerous route. There's enough black violence. There's enough gun violence."

Check out some of the best examples of fans utilizing the Stokeley artwork below.