Back in July, we brought you a powerful and raw debut single called "Pain" from rising singer-songwriter GITAA. The emotionally wrought song was a strong first outing and promising hint of what she's capable of. Now, after her initial plans for the video fell through, she's back with the above treatment, put together in collaboration with The Neue School, in which GITAA is captured against a black backdrop with shimmering images and shots of her being chased by an unknown pursuer. The monochrome settings contrasts cleverly against the peaceful imagery of the doves, as GITAA explains below.

"I have always had a great affinity for white doves," she told Complex via email. "There's something so magical and peaceful about them, and I feel very lucky to have been able to live out my 'dove-fantasy' and have a real one in the video. Symbolically she represents making peace with yourself and whomever you've hurt. 'Pain' is an invitation to grow from hurt, rather than to be stunted by past mistakes."

"Pain" is out now. Grab it here. Look out for her debut EP in early 2019.