Earlier this week, Busta Rhymes posted a video on his Instagram in which he called out Rasheem "Bubba" Barker, a man he says he formerly worked with. In the clip, he alleged that Barker was a scammer pretending to be his manager, and ended the video by telling his followers who his real manager is. 

In court documents obtained by The Blast, Busta explained his working relationship with Barker, stating, "At no time did those duties include the authority to negotiate and/or enter into agreements with third party promoters binding Plaintiffs to render the professional services of Plaintiff Smith.” In 2016 alone, Barker allegedly took $60,000 in earnings from the rapper. Busta says that Barker even landed him in a lawsuit, which resulted in a $22,478 judgment after Busta failed to show up for a show that Barker had booked without his knowledge. 

There's currently conflicting reports on the figure that Busta Rhymes is suing for, with TMZ reporting that he's suing for $500,000 while The Blast's report has the number at $1.5 million. In total, Busta says that Barker has pocketed around $300,000 to $400,000 of his earnings, writing on Instagram that he is indeed suing him. "HE IS RUNNING AND HIDING AS A RESULT OF BEING CAUGHT STEALING," he wrote.

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