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Following an apology from LeBron James related to the same batch of i am > i was lyrics, 21 Savage has issued his own statement.

On the eve of perhaps my drunkest day of the year, 21 said via a tweet that he "never thought anyone would take offense" at this line from the track "ASMR":

We been gettin' that Jewish money, everything is Kosher (on god)

"I love all people," 21 said. See the tweet below.

Shortly before 21 issued his apology, James—who was called out for using the lyric on Instagram by Entourage creator/writer Doug Ellin—said causing offense was "not why I chose to share that lyric."

21 recently updated his i am > i was album to include a verse from Travis Scott on "out for the night pt. 2." The "ASMR" lyric controversy followed very quickly after that update's release and is still ongoing, with GQ writer Nathaniel Friedman arguing that giving James a pass due to his typically "ultra-woke" persona wasn't the way to handle this: