It was more than 14 years ago when the Beastie Boys took the stage at Madison Square Garden—a performance that would become the focus of their 2006 documentary Awesome; I Fuckin' Shot That! The film featured footage captured by 50 audience members who were supplied with handheld cameras. This method, unsurprisingly, resulted in some unique—at times random—shots of the show; however, there's one particular scene that is now receiving a lot of attention.

A Redditor recently pointed out that that the documentary seems to include a brief cameo by Donald Glover, aka Childish Gambino. The multi-hyphenate, or someone who resembles him, is seen in the crowd rapping along to "Three MC's and One DJ." Fans are convinced this is, in fact, a 21-year-old Gambino, who was attending NYU at the time. 

"What a one-in-a-million occurrence," one Redditor wrote. "I mean there's crowd shots of concerts, comedy specials, sports events, and game shows all the time, but how often is it ever anyone besides just some person? Very cool."

Indeed, especially when Gambino recently returned to MSG for his This Is America Tour.

The actor/rapper/writer/director/producer has show love for the Beastie Boys in the past. He shared his condolences following Adam "MCA" Yauch's 2012 death, and even compared his Gamino alter-ego to the legendary hip-hop trio. When asked if he'd "outgrow Childish Gambino for Middle-Ageish Gambino?," he told Esquire: "I hope not. That’s like, 'Are the Beastie Boys ever going to be Beastie Men?' Childish Gambino will always be Childish Gambino, but hopefully it will grow with my audience.'"