Fresh off his European tour with Tory Lanez, Yoko Gold isn't slowing down and instead just dropped off some new music for us. 

“Shadows” is the first single from his upcoming EP Escape from Limbo, the release date for which has not been announced yet. Most modern R&B songs, especially those out of Toronto, are infused with trap elements, "Shadows" takes a more earthy, neo-soul approach. Yoko told HipHopCanada of the sound: "I’ve been privileged to work with some awesome up-and-coming producers, Evan Miles and Jeff Hazin. We have been developing this sound we call 'yesterday’s music.' 'Shadows' is a product of that sound – vintage melodies with today’s vibe." We're told that the song title is a metaphor for things that were once promising, but eventually become tainted—a "shadow" of themselves. 

Listen to the track above, and keep an eye out for Escape from Limbo coming soon. 



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