Travis Scott dropped by Ellen this week to serve as the show's musical performer, but also to sit down for a chat, discussing everything from Kylie Jenner's childbirth and becoming a father to what to expect from his next album.

At the 4:13 point of the clip above, Ellen DeGeneres mentions how Travis used to do theater in high school, prompting him to explain how he was in the Thespian Society, acting in plays. "I love Broadway, it's super dope," he added, a sentiment he recently also shared with Jimmy Fallon. "You should write a Broadway show," Ellen responded, allowing La Flame to talk about an idea he says he's had for quite some time.

"Yeah I was thinking my next album should be like, I'd do a play for a whole week somewhere, design a whole play around my album," he said. Considering how Trav has been leaning into the whole theme park concept with his tour for ASTROWORLD, it would make sense he would want to do something just as thematically big for its eventual follow-up.

Earlier in the clip, Travis talked about his experience accompanying Kylie Jenner when she gave birth to their child. “There’s like this thing called the placenta that I’ve just been hearing about,” he told Ellen with some fear in his voice. “Oh my God, so I was like fearful of that. But I cut the umbilical cord, and she held it down—mama KJ. She’s the best, man.” When asked if it freaked him out, he nodded without saying anything.

During the show, La Flame also performed ASTROWORLD highlight "Sicko Mode" on a stark, barren stage. He wasn't joined by Drake this time, however. Watch both his chat with Ellen and his performance above.