Coming out of South London, Reservoir Records' own Virgil Hawkins has put in some serious work this year. At the top of 2018, he dropped his debut album Milly Rocking To The Wrong Things, which served as the perfect introduction to his alternative rap style. He then followed this up with Planet Pod, a collaborative project with CWBY, and more recently released Majora's Mask, an EP hosted by Dxvl. One of the standout tracks from the project is "Dreamsbad" and today we bring you the visuals for the song, along with the fiery follow-up in "First And Final".

Produced by Dxvl, Virgil Hawkins laces the ethereal production with insightful, yet melancholic lyrics. The second half is where we feel the wrath of BABYDRAGON — his twisted alter ego — and he unleashes a barrage of braggadocios rhymes over a sinister t_n490 instrumental.

Virgil told Complex over email:

"The best way to describe the video is an introduction to the BABYDRAGON, a secondary resident in my mind. 'Dreamsbad' is a cry for help, but also serves as an update on the state of affairs right now in this world. 'First And Final' is an angrier attempt at explaining the way things currently stand from BABYDRAGON's perspective."

Peep the NR.V-directed video above.