As you all settle down to wait out the winter frost with a lengthy hibernation, you'll probably want your playlists to reflect this. So swap out the Afrowave and energetic club music, and replace it with the likes of Bad Taste Records favourite ELWD. The experimental producer is back with another slice of crunchy beats and hazy melodies, this time in the form of the upcoming BAD TIMING album. Ahead of it's Nov. 30 release date, we've got the exclusive share of project highlight "80 WINKS". Doubling down on the woozy jazz and soul of past release, "80 WINKS" packs a deep, low slung groove that could almost trick you into thinking the young producer has come from the west coast of America, rather than his actual home of the UK. Add to that the almost hypnotic atmospherics of the track and we could be looking at the perfect album to soundtrack the next few months.

Speaking on the creative process behind the album, ELWD told Complex via email: "This album took me a while to put together, it's more condensed and precise than my past. there are many different thoughts and processes that went into it, yet all collectively meaning the same thing, that there is no right or wrong way to do things. Ultimately bad timing is a album where you can create your own experience and that was always the aim."

BAD TIMING drops November 30 via Bad Taste Records. Pre-order the album here.