As cuffing season descends upon us, rising London artist Conrad has the perfect song to add to your playlist. Having worked on his craft for a number of years, Conrad feels like now is the time for the world to hear what he's been cooking up.

Debut single "Bonfire" is an emotive one that deals with the feelings of vulnerability and powerlessness, which come from having a lack of control over events happening around you. Gliding over a bed of bold piano keys and spacey guitar licks, "Bonfire" is warm to the ear, with the video perfectly mirroring the mood: a blazing bonfire at the centre, serving as a picture for Conrad's raw emotions.

Speaking about the cut, Conrad told Complex: "This song came to me at a time which most people will recognise—a place where you feel raw, emotional and exposed to the whole world. The bonfire is a metaphor for that feeling which is so hard to explain, yet so recognisable to everyone you know."

Watch the William Nicoll-Ford directed video above.