Just over a month after Lil Uzi Vert used the signifier "very soon" to describe when we might expect to hear some Eternal Atake, he's now suggesting a longer wait may be in order.

In an Instagram Story update, Uzi suggested—with a kissy face and flame emoji, no less—that we all simply "wait a little longer" for the album. Admittedly, Luv Is Rage 2 came out in 2017, a year that—despite how it may feel—is indeed the one directly preceding this one. But the construct of time hasn't exactly felt the same this time around the sun, so here we are.

In lieu of the album, 2018 has seen Uzi pop up for a helping of guest features, an incredible video with Young Thug, and—indirectly—a seemingly limitless supply of mysteriously surfaced songs. Though it's impossible to know with any certainty whether those snippets will be fleshed out for final Eternal Atake inclusion, one thing's for sure: None of them, at least so far, have featured the sounds of teased future collaborator Marilyn Manson.

Uzi, like Manson, isn't one for inundating fans with a barrage of new interviews year-round. For one of his few press discussions this year, Uzi spoke with GQ about fashion and Jeff Koons. "I always had a vision for my style," Uzi said, accurately.

So let's extend that same fact to the rest of the Uziverse by trusting that Eternal Atake will indeed arrive when we're all ready to transcend.