After that fake photo of him eating burritos sideways ran through the internet last week, the real Justin Bieber got himself in another predicament. On Saturday, Bieber's car apparently broke down in Los Angeles, resulting in a lot of entertaining pictures and videos of him meeting with fans.

He even sang for a group of people who greeted him. Bieber also ended up doing push-ups for some reason.

The situation must've lasted a while, too, because he even found some time to play some basketball. It's not clear exactly where he broke down in Los Angeles, but it's clear everyone was pretty stoked to see him.


More photos of Justin Bieber with fans today in Los Angels, California ( November 3) #justinbieber

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That photo of Bieber eating a burrito incorrectly was later revealed to be an elaborate prank by YouTube group Yes Theory, who employed a Bieber lookalike for a staged photo shoot in Hollywood.