You’ve worked with Timbaland in the past, someone who much like you can move from pop to rap in an instance. What are some of the things you’ve learnt from him?

Dante: One of the things he taught us was just to keep doing what we're doing, and not to let outside forces or pressure from the industry effect what we're doing. Music is always a gut feeling, and I feel like that's how he always approached his career. He's always given us inspiration and he has done that since our first shows.

Your Nu Religion: Hyena project in many ways symbolises finding new ways to think. But since its release and with what you're working on in the studio right now, what ways have you been challenging yourselves to further that?

Drew: The game changes you, and living in the city sometimes changes you. It changes your perspective on how to live your life, and what people value. It's life experience that'll teach you the most. We've done a couple hundred shows now at least, and we've seen different crowds gravitate to different things. We've made new music and continued to try and push the line. I think one of most important things we've learned is to be honest with ourselves and more realistic and relatable throughout our lyrics. As time has gone on we've experienced so many different things that have allowed us to tell our truth better throughout our music, opposed to being so broad and general.

Lastly, when I hear the name THEY., I think of you guys venturing in unfamiliar territories and experimenting all while staying true to yourself. How would you recommend people challenging themselves, without losing themselves?

Dante: I think you need to have the mindset that everything is a work in progress and that you always have the room to grow. Some people come into the game like they're fully formed but you can't have that mentality. Whatever you do, whether you're an artist or a businessman or anything, there will always be room to become better. As long as you have that humility, the low times won't get to you. I also think knowing who you are is important, but also know that you're always going to be changing. Accept that, embrace that, and know that there's always a better version of yourself around the corner.

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