With over a decade of experience under his belt, Brummie grime vet Slick Don has been around long enough to have been inspired by the early days of the genre, while being encouraged and excited by the progress and success that it's currently having—especially the emcee's with regional accents—and now he wants a piece of the pie.

Having released his four-track EP, Hold Out, over the summer, Slick is now back with a video for standout number "Murking Again". Even as an OG, Slick Don has had no trouble evolving his sound alongside the developing sound of grime, never sounding forced, and the same can be said for this Jammz-produced track. The video is simple, clean-cut and effective, using clever animations to bring out his personality, while the lyrics and sound of the track are authentic and showcase his skill, to be able to create an unwaveringly grime-sounding track with so much crossover potential.

Watch exclusively above, and cop or stream the single here.