Room 25, which dropped just over a month ago, stands quite tall as one of the year's best albums. Across 11 airtight tracks, Noname speaks with refreshing candor on America, love, and a generation-specific existential turmoil. Wednesday night, Noname selected three songs from the album to make her solo television debut.

"Blaxploitation," "Prayer Song," "Don't Forget About Me" were given the TV treatment on the latest episode of Stephen Colbert's Late Show. Catch the full medley, which of course was goddamn great, via the video up top.

"I don't make music for long periods of time and then when I do, I can make an album in like a month," Noname told Rolling Stone last month ahead of Room 25's drop of how the album came together, a process which included flying into Los Angeles from Chicago. "I kinda need to be in a space where we're all creating together. I don't even like to be sent beats. I really prefer to be locked in with instrumentalists if I can."

Noname is taking Room 25 out on the road starting in January at the Majestic Theatre in Detroit. Dates in Brooklyn and Boston are sold out, so don't screw yourself over by skipping out on early tickets. See below for a full list of dates.