On this week's episode of Open Late, Peter Rosenberg vowed to settle one of his long-standing beefs, shutting down his rivalry with internationally-known artist Kris Wu. In 2017, they both participated in the NBA All-Star Celebrity Game, and decided to take it to the court to finish what they started.

While Wu talked about how it was weird to be shooting hoops outdoors (because he's a huge deal over in his native China), he did say that he appreciated how he could just be a "normal human being" while walking the streets in America. That said, he let it be known that he wants to be "that bridge for East and West" by becoming a rap star over here as well.

One of the best ways to do that is to release an impressive album, and Kris Wu shared some details on what to expect. “I’m actually telling you this first… Three days ago I was shooting a music video with Rich the Kid… Album is Nov. 2nd… this is the first I’m saying that too!!!”

He also spoke on the name of the album, Antares, which means Heart of the Scorpio(n), which in Chinese translates to "Heart of the Dragon."

Kris and Peter also put their own spin on the traditional game of "HORSE" by playing "WU." Check out who won the game and more from this week's episode in the video up top, and keep it locked to YouTube.com/Complex for more from Open Late.