On Thursday night, Cardi B stopped by a Brooklyn Housing complex to meet fans and give out hundreds of free winter coats to people, NBC New York reported. 

The Bronx-bred Bardi, who teamed up with "local designer and friends" to host the coat giveaway at Brooklyn's Marlboro Houses, was met with excitement despite arriving around four hours late due to being tied up with a photo shoot. She was reportedly scheduled to get there at 5 p.m. "I said, 'I'm pulling up, what's up, I'm in here, let's go!'" Cardi said after she arrived. "We ready, let's get ready for the coats, it's cold out here."

"I think she's unbelievable," a resident of Gravesend named Dana Spear told NBC. "And I think it's great she's doing this for the less fortunate."

"This neighborhood really needs it," another person who waited in line said. 

"Not worth the wait, it was like four hours," Aurora Royster, a person who waited in line, said. "But the kids wanted to see her."

"IT WAS LIT IN MARLBORO TODAY !My Hat @astonmartinchuck hit me up a couple of days ago about a coat giveaway we couldn’t believe how big this was and how many people pulled up, i wasn’t ready😩😩!Thanks Marlboro! I shot RED BARZ & PULL UP ON ME out here .I will be back before the year end .THANKS," Cardi wrote on IG.

The rapper's Nino Brown moment was also reportedly accompanied by her receiving the key to the city of Brooklyn.