On this week's episode of Open Late With Peter Rosenberg, Anderson .Paak graced the set with his presence. Fresh off releasing his Kendrick Lamar-featured single "Tints," .Paak had a lot to share with Rosenberg, including word on his highly-anticipated album, Oxnard.

After joking that he's been doing the "Tints" challenge, Rosenberg got down to brass tacks, asking .Paak when Oxnard would be dropping. The Grammy-nominated artist immediately stood up and announced, "My album drops November 16," to applause from the crowd.

During the conversation, .Paak revealed Dr. Dre was very hands-on in the making of Oxnard. He also talked about the time he spent bonding with Mac Miller, his love for A Tribe Called Quest (and friendship with Q-Tip), and even got into his favorite moments from Dre's classic album 2001

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