A few weeks ago, Wiz Khalifa went on Instagram to defend his parenting skills after some people with way too much time on their hands decided to criticize the rapper for letting his son Sebastian ride the bus to school.

In a new interview with Billboard, Wiz said it felt good to stand up to the haters, though he felt no pressure to do so. “I figured I'd just use my platform to get my point across in a non-defensive manner. If the negativity has a voice, I wanted to give the positive side a voice. I'm happy I did it,” he said. “There wasn't any pressure or anything. I felt like sticking up for my son. He's going to be mine forever. Now, down the road he can be like, ‘My dad stuck up for me and defended me regardless.’ That's my little man.”

The uproar was caused by an adorable photo of Wiz and Sebastian waiting for the bus on the first day of school. The Rolling Papers rapper quickly shut down critics by reminding everyone that his son wants to have regular kid experiences like everyone else.  

“All y’all people asking why I would let my son ride the bus, cause I’m rich,” he said in a video post to his Instagram story. “Being rich don’t got nothing to do with a child’s experience. And he said he wanted to ride the bus with his friends, so let kids do what they want to do. Chill.”

Aside from this situation, Khalifa told Billboard he typically doesn’t pay attention to people when they question his parenting, which they have many times in the past. “I'm so confident in my parenting skills and what I have to offer to other people that they will look at the positive side. The negative doesn't really impact me,” he said. “My relationship is with my son. As long as he's good, I don't listen to too much of the outside noise.”

Wiz just wrapped up his Dazed & Blazed tour with Rae Sremmurd last month.