Raised in Brooklyn by-way-of Nigeria, rapper Thutmose had a pretty intense childhood, experiences he’s channeled into his new song “OkOk,” featuring Desiigner

“Sometimes it’s crazy to think I almost didn't come in this world. There was a gun put to my mom’s womb when she was pregnant with me. The song is me taking in all the negative energy and flipping it,” Thutmose told Complex. “This is my story.”

Thutmose endured a number of violent events in Nigeria—including bomb blasts when he was just eight, and burglars holding his mother at gunpoint in exchange for all her jewelry and money—as well as New York, where, when Thutmose was nine, a SWAT Team put a gun to his father’s head while searching for Thutmose’s cousin.

With a haunting beat, peppered by Desiigner ad-libs, “OkOk” serves as a reminder to Thutmose that he’ll be good no matter what. Stream his new track below. You can catch Thutmose in Brooklyn and Los Angeles this fall; tickets and more info can be found on his official website.