SOB X RBE announced recently that they would be losing a member before their upcoming project, Gangin 2, drops on Sept. 28. In a lengthy, since-deleted post on his Instagram, Yhung T.O. informed fans that the record would be his "last album with SOB." He added, "Crazy how you make money and create a new wit n***as you call brother and in the end they still disloyal."

Before Gangin' 2 sends off the group as we came to know them, they've seen fit to share another preview of the project with "Made It." Showcasing their infectious energy, the track acts as an unfortunate reminder that after next week there won't be any more new SOB X RBE X Yhung T.O. to look forward to.

SOB X RBE are still currently due to perform more dates as part of their Global Gangin Tour with Quando Rondo, but following the revelation that they won't be staying together for much longer it's unclear if the group will go through with the scheduled shows. Since Yhung T.O. shared the post, both him and DaBoii have taken "SOB" off of their social media profiles, indicating that they really are done for good.

Yhung T.O. inked a deal with Interscope Records earlier this year and dropped the video "Deserve It" on Thursday: