It’s safe to say Thando has had a huge year so far. She dropped her breakthrough single “Numb”, collaborated with Remi on “My People”, and opened for fellow soul star Leon Bridges. Her style is versatile and she has to ability to switch sounds and vibes at any time, making it hard to predict her trajectory. But with songs like “Happy”, you know a bright future is imminent.

“Happy” is Thando doing what she does best; utilizing her smooth, sleek vocals. The piano-laced, jazz-inspired instrumental finds Thando soaring, moving in and out of falsetto with a booming passion. Lyrically, it delves into mental health, as Thando pens the song from the perspective of anxiety itself. It follows Thando trying to understand it and shows her thought process as she consciously evaluates it over the beat. It’s a relatable topic, as she brings things to life that we all often contemplate inside our heads. And by pairing this with the luscious sounds of her voice and the instrumental, it’s becoming clear that Thando may have a hit.

Check out the video for “Happy” above, and look out for her on her tour around Australia this November. For more info, click here.