The last twelve months has seen British soul and R&B burst out of the undergrowth, and Meron T is the latest rose to bloom from the now-fertile soil. Over the last couple of years, Meron T has been delicately picking away at her sound, creating SoundCloud gems such as "Brandy Magic" and "On My Way", the latter of which was the first single from her forthcoming debut EP, which is scheduled drop later this year (once she's finished touring with Masego).

The as-yet-untitled EP is a collaborative effort with producer Sey G and showcases their delightful chemistry, as does her latest release "Hunny". Meron T's sweet vocals guide us over the celestial plateau provided by Sey G, with the production featuring a beautiful juxtaposition of sweet-sounding guitar strums, backed by snappy 808s. Just like the contrasting layers of the beat, the visuals, shot in Rome and Naples, show the two sides of love; Naples depicts the gritty and somber times, while Rome highlights the enchanting period. Director Shukri does a great job at bringing Meron's vision for the song alive, successfully displaying the dark emotions of heartbreak versus the charming nature of love.

Meron T told Complex via email that "'Hunny' is a bittersweet love song. It explores the acceptance that comes along with unrequited love—the battle between the love you crave from them, and the love you deserve. Whilst the song speaks on the pain of loving someone, there comes a point you begin to realise the beauty in the experience, no matter the outcome. It's a dreamy realisation that not all love is reciprocated, but that being in love is beautiful all the same."