For Cautious Clay's new "Crowned" video, multiple versions of himself can be seen as he delivers visuals that can also be interpreted in various ways. The third version of Clay can be seen eating in front of a stack of what appears to be Eggo Waffles. Instead, he drops one letter—turning their famous slogan "Leggo my Eggo!" into a phrase about finally letting go of your ego.  

“The bouncing waffle is a reference to my ‘Leggo my Ego’ waffle box. Leggo my Ego is a lifestyle/perspective on things that I wanted to highlight in the video/song,” Cautious Clay explains. So no, there's not a typo on those boxes of waffles. Like his name implies, he's cautious about every move he makes—even if goes above your head at first. 

Aside from delivering such an infectious single with "Crowned," Cautious Clay completes the package with visuals that hold your attention for the entire three minute duration. There's something special about him, and he keeps revealing new layers to his creativity that continue to pull us in.

Watch the visuals for "Crowned" above.