Los Angeles-based artist Aaron Aye has delivered the official music video for “On Cue,” a standout track from his debut album Orphan.

The visual, co-directed by Aye and Culture Shock, takes place in the rapper’s hometown of Minneapolis. It’s a fitting setting for the record, as it addresses the pain Aye endured in wake of his mother’s death to cancer.

“We shot ‘On Cue’ in my hometown of Minneapolis at the place I grew up—outside of the house I lived with my mom before she passed, my high school, Pearl Park,” he told Complex. “The purpose of videos for me is to entertain while making a connection, to recreate the emotions I was feeling while writing the song. ‘On Cue’ is my personal truth, all of the lyrics are based on real events and I wanted the visual to be authentic to that story. Real, genuine, and honest. I hope people who watch and listen know they are not alone in whatever struggles they are going through.”

Watch Aye’s new video for "On Cue" up top.

Orphan arrived about a month ago as an independent release. The 10-track project tackles the struggles Aye faced after losing both of his parents; his mother died when he was a freshman in high school and his father left his life after a divorce. Aye said he wrote Orphan to not only cope with the loneliness he felt, but also to encourage other kids to stay strong and find their purpose in life.

You can stream Orphan now on Apple Music/iTunes or via SoundCloud below.