Building on the success of her previous two singles this year — "The Vow" and "Take My Place" — award winning singer-songwriter RuthAnne is back with another understated feel-good track. "Liquid" retains the acoustic backing of its predecessors but there's a much more pronounced influence of soul and R&B this time around, in part due to the production from heavyweight hitmakers MJ&iRoK and Cadenza. That slight switch-up in tone and the lowkey smokiness of her voice gives the track a relaxing chill that's hard to resist, and something we hope will be repeated in future drops.

RuthAnne told Complex via email: "'Liquid' is basically my response to any haters, fake friends and trolls out there. People seem to just talk on a surface level to each other, but then tear each other apart behind their back, or from behind a computer screen. Everyone has become a critic which means that more and more people are feeling the pressure to be perfect… to portray perfection. I allowed myself to be real about shit that wasn't so great in my life and then write this song, calling it out for what it is and not letting any of it get to me anymore."