This year has seen North Londoner Oscar #Worldpeace drop two of the strongest releases of his career in the IC3 EP and the subsequent "Twix" single. Though IC3 was a lot more overtly political, both releases contained densely-packed lyricism and explored some ambitious concepts and ideas. For his latest single, "Send" (out now), he's linked up with good friend Ragz Originale to show us a different side to him. "Send" reminds us it doesn't always have to be heavy and that even now (or maybe now more than ever) there's space for a bit of lightness, which shines through in a big way with these visuals from Broken Antenna. Ragz's instrumental sets the tone with its jazzy haze while #Worldpeace talks about sliding in DMs and chasing girls that look like Lisa Bonet — something we are very much on board with.