Knowledge the Pirate may be releasing his debut album, but he is by no means a new artist. He's worked with some of the biggest names in the game, from Teddy Riley to Pharrell to the Alchemist. And underground hip-hop fans have surely heard him on Roc Marciano's projects. Plus, he has written rhymes for, as his bio teasingly puts it, "one of Hollywood's biggest actors."

But now, Knowledge is stepping into the spotlight. He is releasing a new album, Flintlock. And to give you a taste, Complex is premiering his video for "Long Gaze."

The clip is directed by Knowledge and Sahr Fanday. "The 'Long Gaze' video is that hardcore, underground New York, gangster and a gentlemen shit," Knowledge told Complex. 

If you like the clip, you can find an extended version exclusively at Knowledge's website—the same spot you'll be able to cop Flintlock. The 15-track project features production from Roc Marciano, Elemnt, Mushroom Jesus, and Knowledge himself. The only other rapper on the project? You guessed it: Roc Marci. You can check the full tracklist below.

flintlock front cover
Image via Publicist
flintlock back cover
Image via Publicist