YG took to Instagram on Monday night to share that he got kicked off an American Airlines flight because he was allegedly drunk, though he denies being intoxicated, calling the airline racist.

“FUCK AMERICAN AIRLINES. RACIST FUCKS & IM SOBER PUSSY’S, YALL RACIST. FUCK ALL YALL @americanair,” he wrote in the caption for the video. In the video, he then detailed what happened, “Aye, fuck American Airlines on Bloods. They kicked me off the plane, they talking about I’m drunk. No, bro, we gone. They kick me off the plane, they said I’m drunk. I'm sober than a motherfucker, racist ass motherfuckers. I’m gone, B,” he said, adding, “Racist ass motherfuckers. I’m suing. Run it up!”

YG posted the same video to Twitter, tagging American Airlines in the post. The company responded Tuesday morning, writing, “In our culture, every interaction with a customer or team member should be grounded in respect. Please meet us in DMs with more info.”

American Airlines returned Complex’s request for comment, emailing, “The video speaks for itself—the passenger was asked to deplane as they were intoxicated.”

Complex has reached out to YG's rep for comment.