Yung Jake has a SoundCloud page full of rap songs and a series of successful music videos. By definition, Yung Jake is a rapper. 

He also makes websites, emoji portraits, interactive art, apps, installations, and other internet creations. Yung Jake is more than a rapper. "I started making rap 'cause I was tired of explaining my art," he says. "So I just rapped so the explaining became the art." Known for experimenting with new mediums and platforms, the label he gets described with the most is "internet artist." It’s a term Jake embraces, although he acknowledges that he has more peers by the day: "Everyone makes shit for the internet."

In the spirit of sharing some of the things he's learned over the years, Yung Jake spoke with us about his art and passed along some tips for other young internet creators. At his request, the conversation took place via iMessage.