The usually impeccable Taylor Swift was forced into a spur of moment sincerity when she got stuck in mid-air during her show on Saturday. After performing “Delicate” in front of her hometown crowd at Lincoln Financial Field in Philadelphia, Taylor informed the audience that something actually went wrong. "What you just saw was me going straight up and down in this sparkly basket," she said, laughing off her current circumstance. "It’s supposed to take me to the other side of the stadium."

As the crowd showed their support for Swift in this unorthodox situation, the singer contemplated approaches that would get her to where she needed to be. At one point, Taylor was forced to speak with her team through her microphone as they were in her earpiece. "I have another flying thing across there, that works apparently. Or. Wait. So there’s people talking in my ear," she said, per People. "This is so boring for you, I’m sorry."

While her team scrambled to fix the situation, Taylor sang "Our Song," and "Wildest Dreams" a cappella with the help of her crowd.

All in all, Taylor handled what was an awkward situation remarkably well.