Kyle shared his long-awaited debut album Light of Mine back in May, delivering a different side to what so many had come to expect from the 25-year-old Cali rapper. Featuring a mix of songs exploring both his own struggles with mental illness, with some more positive pop-leaning tracks ready for the summertime. One of the album's many highlights, which finds itself decidedly more in the latter camp, has just received a video that channels its sci-fi inspiration gleefully.

Directed by David Camarena, the "To The Moon" video takes the subject matter and title of the song pretty literally. Starring Kyle and all his friends as they make their way into space, it's a charming video that mixes Kyle's playful approach to rap with a sense of cinematic grandiosity. 

Kyle has never been shy about revealing his influences, and "To The Moon" in particular is a tribute to Kid Cudi. Kyle previously revealed on Twitter that Cudi was his "hero," and his influence definitely comes through strong on "To The Moon."

Recently, Kyle had to shoot down rumors of him and Bella Hadid being romantically linked. During a stop on The Breakfast Club, he explained, "It's funny because I feel like I have to explain this every single time. Bella Hadid, from Santa Barbara. I’m from Ventura. My hometown is Ventura, which is 805—it’s all the same thing, the shit caught on fire. Like, massive fire. Took out the whole city. And I was trying to post, and spread attention.”