Back in April, Bella Hadid was apparently seen exchanging numbers with KYLE at Coachella. According to Page Six, one source at the Bootsy Bellows Pool Party claimed it appeared romantic. “Bella was seen flirting and exchanging numbers with a young mystery partygoer, who turned out to be KYLE,” they said.

Well, according to KYLE himself, romance wasn’t part of the interaction whatsoever. He made sure to clear up any misconceptions while chopping it up with The Breakfast Club.

When Charlamagne straight up asked, “Did you hit it?” KYLE seemed excited to finally put this rumor down for good. “I never did that in my life,” he said around the 22:20 mark in the video up top. According to the rapper, he and Hadid were merely exchanging numbers due to their mutual background and attempts to rebuild their hometown after wildfires ravaged it. 

“It’s funny because I feel like I have to explain this every single time," he said. "Bella Hadid, from Santa Barbara. I’m from Ventura. My hometown is Ventura, which is 805—it’s all the same thing, the shit caught on fire. Like, massive fire. Took out the whole city. And I was trying to post, and spread attention.”

“I posted about Ventura fires being crazy huge and wipin’ out the city and since she’s from there and she knows a lot of people there, too, she was just thanking me for doing that,” KYLE added. “And then, when I seen her in person, I’m like, ‘Oh, hey what’s up,’ and we’re talking about like community activism. Like, rebuilding the community. So, simple shit. And some random person, ‘cause she’s mega famous, takes a picture of her and just wants to create a bunch of random shit around her.”

KYLE also said he's been with his girlfriend, Jada, for almost nine years now. He even joked that the Weeknd, Hadid's ex, wouldn’t even feel threatened by seeing the dating headlines, and would react with a simple “yeah, right,” and laugh it off himself.

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