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Kodak Black was sentenced to one year in county jail earlier this year, and now The Blast reports that he could be released from jail earlier than expected. Originally thought to be released as early as October, court documents obtained by The Blast indicate that his sentence has been reduced by a judge. 

A motion filed by Kodak's legal team has reportedly given him an additional 30 days of time served, bringing his grand total to 120. Instead of October, he could be free by around August time, instead. In fact, with the updated court order the Broward County Sheriff's Office lists his expected release as Aug. 18. When released, he will reportedly be off probation.

Kodak was sentenced to one year in jail earlier this year after he pled guilty to two probation violations, although his legal issues are little more complicated than that. Kodak was initially charged with multiple felonies after an Instagram Live broadcast showed a child hanging around marijuana and a handgun in the background, although they were later dropped when his lawyers argued that there was no way of proving the guns and drugs in the video were real. Two more charges against him, one count of possession of a firearm, ammunition, or weapon by a delinquent, and one count of possession of over 20 grams of cannabis, were dropped earlier this year when he was sentenced.

He's still awaiting trial in regards to his sexual assault charges relating to an incident from February 2016, which involved an alleged sexual assault on a woman at a Comfort Inn and Suites in Florence County, South Carolina. He was arrested later that year in November, and indicted last October.