The UK music scene is packed to the brim with bold, larger-than-life characters whose personalities transcend even their music and ingratiates them to public recognition.

The latest of these in line is an altogether unique individual: for just under a year, Jimothy Lacoste has caused a storm with a penchant for bouncy, lo-fi bedroom pop, melodic yet elementary rapping and hooks and memorable dance moves and stunts that have stuck in the memory. With only five official tracks to his name, this style icon from Camden, North London (he rocks an almost vintage look, clad in the major sports brand from which his name borrows) has become the talk of the town and his magnetic personality is growing by the day.


In that time span, Jim has climbed and danced on top of bus stops, train stations and enlisted elderly women as his backup dancers, all of which displays the fun-loving side of the teenager born Timothy Gonzales. To some, his music may appear too much like a joke or a caricature, but he maintains the seriousness of his lyrics, inspired by a life growing up without his father in the consumptive landscape of London.

"Dancing on top of things, train surfing and having old ladies in my videos might seem silly, but that is just me being me," he told Crack in 2018. "A lot of my music is actually quite deep." With no musical chops to speak of, Lacoste went on and picked up an iPad while in college and began experimenting with sounds—eventually producing his first song "TIMMY"—and was encouraged to continue his newfound passion by his friends.

This came after battling a bout of depression, and it proves his lyrics come from a place of darkness in his life that he has been able to overcome in a positive manner. In many ways, the music sometimes doesn't do justice to Lacoste's personal strife, which makes the criticisms laid at him slightly redundant. But Jim is resolute in making good music with messages that mean much to him; the idea of finding the girl of his dreams and not falling to the pitfalls of fame—drugs, being one of them.


His current path has led to a consistent number of tracks, including listing the criteria for his "Future Bae", encouraging his listeners to stop taking "Drugs" and even turning left and rapping in another language on the recent "I Can Speak Spanish". Lacoste is multi-talented and has all the ingredients of a future star; the look, the talent and the personality, and every Jimothy Lacoste visual is a memorable time. He also puts on a gem of a live show, as his performance at London's Field Day this past June proved.

Acknowledged by popular blogs, magazines and tastemakers—and with an arsenal of hits ready to be unleashed—life is getting quite exciting for Lacoste, as his growingly synonymous motto suggests.

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