Crime Mob was managed by an allegedly shady figure named Serious early on. According to the group members, the deal was egregious and did more harm than good. “Serious is crazy as hell,” Diamond said. “He knew damn well, even when we found out about them contracts being messed up—we requested a copy of the contracts, he gon’ black out most of the parts that are fucked up in the contract.”

Princess broke down what ultimately ended up happening. “When we started, we wasn't making any money,” she said. “After we got signed, we weren't making any money. Our advance, which everybody usually say they finna get signed and buy they mama a house, and a car, and jewelry—we got a thousand dollars each, in cash.”

“We wasn’t getting none of our publishing or royalties,” Princess continued. “We didn’t know about it. We didn’t know about publishing or royalties. Not in high school. And when you on the radio, and you poppin' in the city, everything look good. And you hope that this person you put your trust into, they can have your career in everybody's best interest. But that wasn't the case with Crime Mob.”