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Travis Scott made Twitter user @alesvndro’s night on Thursday when politely asked for “permission” to use the Rodeo album art for a custom debit card. “Do i have your blessing?” he asked.

Scott responded, quote-tweeting @alesvndro—whose Twitter name is Alejandro Jimenez—and writing, “Yep @Visa @WellsFargo make it happen for this kid.”

Scott followed that tweet by also writing, “If they get this done I put some bread in there for u this summer. But u gotta be in school or something kiddo.”

Those messages definitely had Jimenez reeling. He then told Scott that he had, “just finished my first year in college btw,” followed by, “Bro I swear im shaking. He's my favorite artist and I can't believe this omg omg omg. I just.. this unbelievable.”

If anything, Travis Scott has proved he's definitely for the kids: in late May, before a Houston Rockets game, he told a group of Santa Fe High School students that they're the strongest people on earth. The shooting at the school left ten dead and many more injured back in May.

We’re still awaiting Scott’s highly-anticipated album AstroWorld, which may include a Stevie Wonder collaboration. In May, Scott released a new single with Kanye West and Lil Uzi Vert called “Watch,” and recently jumped on the Playboi Carti song “Love Hurts.”