Swooning and emotive, "Running Under Water" serves as the highly anticipated follow-up to alternative pop artist Grace Savage's recent EP, Control Freak. Right now, Savage is currently gearing up for festival season (check the dates at the bottom) and now she's got one more weapon in her arsenal. The new single packs an experimental pop punch with tight rhythms and soaring melodies that will no doubt get the crowd hyped and singing along at full volume.

"I wrote this song with Ben Cartwright and Jason Julian at OddChild Studios, and as soon as we finished it, we sort of knew it was a banger," Grace told Complex via email. "I've been holding on to this tune for a long time and I'm so excited to finally release it to the world. 'Running Under Water' is about falling for someone with depression and feeling apprehensive about the emotional difficulty that might entail but at the same time, knowing there is nothing you can do about it as the love is addictive and the falling is inevitable."

Upcoming live dates:

July 1 – Tedx, Royal Festival Hall
July 7 – Glasdenbury, Devon
July 14 – Beat-herder Festival, Lancashire
July 15 – Citadel, London
Aug 3 – Fieldview Festival (Main Stage), Wiltshire
Aug 25 – Byline Festival, Sussex
Aug 26 – Graze Festival, Hampshire
Sept 15 – Loud Women Fest, London