Luv Is Rage 2, rightfully co-signed by Marilyn Manson, turns one year young in August. Though Lil Uzi Vert has teased multiple potential follow-up projects since the Billboard 200-topping album's release, we still don't have much idea of what exactly to expect next from the 666-y pop craftsman. But hey, at least Uzi hit us with yet another teaser via his seemingly commandeered Instagram account.

"They killed this," whoever's running the account said very early Monday morning when sharing a clip of Uzi dancing to an apparent new BlocBoy JB collab. According to this same person, Uzi and BlocBoy were awaiting their "prom dates" when filming the clip.

This initial tease, sadly, doesn't appear to offer much in the way of Uzi glimpses. Still, we do get a cozy Rick Ross reference from BlocBoy:

I feel like Ricky when I'm in this Maybach

The music Uzi has been ruthlessly teasing recently doesn't seem to be a part of the freestyle rock album he previously told Zane Lowe was next up. "It's kinda hard for it to be bad," he predicted for the project, adding that Hayley Williams has been a big influence. "I don't even be looking at my songs like they're good or bad. Remember, they're my children."

BlocBoy, meanwhile, recently released his "Mamacita" video.