Cult Shφtta have been making waves all around Australia opening up for artists like Ghostface Killah and Fabolous, as well as collaborating with the likes of Manu Crooks. Their energetic style pairs the bass-heavy beats of trap music with the lyricism of hip-hop's OGs, and in the new video for their single "Boomin", Cult Shφtta show they're more than ready to put their prices up and secure the bag. 

Linking up with ATL underground king Reese Laflare, "Boomin" finds Cult Shφtta at their most vibrant, finessing their autotune-soaked styles without losing any of the word-play they became known for. They've perfected their chemistry, as they bounce bars off each other in a united front of machine gun-like flows, all while Reese Laflare laces the song with his unique brand of ATL sauce.

The video contains a dreary, lo-fi aesthetic that features Cult Shφtta and Reese Laflare at peak flex, as they demonstrate their raw, unfiltered spurts of energy on the live stage. Trojan horsed by an 808 that's bound to blow the speakers, "Boomin" is set to get you jumping out of your seats – check out the video for yourself up above.