Queens MC Bas has released a striking visual for “Pinball II,” the Correy C-assisted single that premiered back in April.

The music video, directed by Andrew Nisinson for The Friends, tells the story of several young men who face varying degrees of adversity and violence, ranging from a domestic dispute to a potentially fatal shooting. The images of bloodshed paired with shots of a family dinner table surrounded flowers provides an intense contrast throughout. There are also obvious religious themes injected into the video—specifically the idea of death and rebirth—as well as references to Bas’ experiences growing up in Jamaica, Queens as a Sudanese immigrant.

Bas spoke about the video via Twitter on Tuesday, revealing there were a number of “Easter eggs in the thematic sense.” He also said the visual was very much in line with what his upcoming album would deliver.

You can check out the “Pinball II” video above. And be sure to stay tuned as more details about Bas’ upcoming album—the follow-up to 2016’s Too High to Riot—become available.